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Post by JJ on Wed Mar 07, 2018 9:57 pm

I just found this after a quick search. Sorry I bothered you before doing a cursory search, mouse (I had checked out a few ratbike urls blindly though)

Hello everybody, I miss you!

1) who owns the ratbike.org domain name?

2) I have time to do something now, and I am really happy that people are up for an internet presence that isn't facebook or a smartphone app.

Maybe a stupid question, but what if we just had an IRC channel? For those that don't know IRC is a chat protocol that's been around a long time.

This is kinda what I had in mind. A painfully minimal website with a few links, and a link to an IRC channel: OH GOD I CAN'T POST LINKS?! txti dot es slash ratbike

I've seen IRC work surprisingly well for this sort of thing once people start using it. We could make ways of storing more permanent information, like a bot that knows when events are, and links to Nates build blogs &c.


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Post by june_whitfield on Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:06 pm

well look who's back! hurrah Smile

JJ wrote:

1) who owns the ratbike.org domain name?

that'll be that "SteF" character, whoever he actually may be.

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