Photos of frame surgery to my KLE project

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Photos of frame surgery to my KLE project

Post by Big Chris on Fri Mar 16, 2018 2:18 pm

Hopefully these uploads will work.....

I'm tall (hence my username)so I like tall bikes, ie, variations of big traillies, and I like ratfighter styling, so I'm building a post apocalyptic ratfighter-ish bike with long travel suspension and a 21" front wheel. Donor bike is the KLE500 which Scott used to own.
I have just done a load of work around the back end of the KLE rear subframe. I wanted some aggressive styling and I dislike the "just chop the back end off" look. Besides,having nothing behind the seat gets you wet if the roads are wet (I live in Scotland remember) and gives you nowhere to carry camping kit. Especially a big tent long enough for a tall bloke...

So here's the new back end. Made from 1" diameter tube and its about 2-3mm wall thickness, which is way thicker than the original frame. I don't trust my own welding abilities, and since this is critical frame work I took it to a mate's workshop for him to do it. Except he made me do a load of the welding so I'd learn. But then as we ran out of time he finished it. The plating at the join of the rear tunes is made from the 2+mm tube so that whole area is solid as F.

I will do the rest of the work at my own garage.

the tank on the bike is from a GPZ500S purely for the sportsbike looks rather than big traillie looks of the stock one. I got my Banksy on and did the stencil spraycan art with some advice from oor Nate.
the plan had been to do the welding a few weeks ago. But the beast from the east turned up and blocked the roads. Whilst I was sowed in I did loads of non essential "take this off and spray it matt black" tasks. In a few cases the paint didn't take so I had to re-do the job using etch primer. That was a faff, but it's done now.

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Re: Photos of frame surgery to my KLE project

Post by spotarama on Fri Mar 23, 2018 2:13 am

i used to have a girlfriend called the beast from the east

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